Q: I was wondering if I could use Merida's derby name from your derby princesses in a cosplay? Just the name

Sure. I would love to see the cosplay when you’re done!

asked by davisthefuckedup
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Sketch Bomb topic: Spongebob in Space
OMIGOSH! Had a fun, successful con! It’s been a while since I’ve sold at a convention so this gives me the confidence to get back into it. I’m working on my etsy account if you’re interested in some Derby Princess prints. Had so much fun hanging out with fellow artists and meeting one of my favorite voice actors. I have felt so much love and support from everyone and I am so grateful!
I’m pretty exhausted from all the excitement so I plan to go to sleep for the next 12 hours.

If you’re going to be at Emerald City, stop by! I’ll be at table E-08.

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"Hey, Baby. Wanna kill all humans?"

Bonnie Brae Dixon created by pixie-the-gator
I was going to draw Trixie but then this character STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS!

I have fan art! This is phenomenal!
coloring doodles
full princess line up