like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State building…
Let’s talk about your big “but,” Simone.
Quick style study sketch colored. Amelie in the style of  Sibylline
I think the topic was knight teaching his young charge
so old.
Went to see the premiere of To The Naked Eye last night (which was introduced to me as “the naked play”). It was sort of a comic examination of how we as a society view nudity.
Sketch Bomb topic: Space Gangster
Moon Dog from the D&D themed Monster Annual art show. Not sure if you could tell I was heavily inspired by Sailor Moon.
My friend wrote a book and I just had to do some fan art. This is Emily from True Secrets from an American High School (by Nathaniel Jones, available on Amazon)

I was interviewed for a roller derby blog. Check it out at

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trying to learn how to use my new tablet